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Many singer/songwriters quest for fame and fortune so dominates their reasoning that lost in the pursuit, is the music itself. Brittany Opperman, a talented young artist from Gettysburg, PA is so grounded by love of GOD, family, and country that composing and performing is as natural as inhaling and exhaling.

Her first public performance was a duet with her Mamaw singing “Born Again” as a three-year old at a barn revival. Her family, it turns out is rich in talent including a great uncle that performed at The Grand Ole Opry and a second cousin with a production company in Denver.

The completion of her self-titled EP in the spring of 2012 is the culmination of twists and turns that is life. Every person has a story. Brittany chose lyrics and music to propel her, not let disappointment and difficulties define her. Don’t let her demure stature fool you!

Inside is a determined songstress, methodically pouring her experiences upon paper. The fruits of that labor becoming melodies that stir our collective souls. For instance, “Anymore” and “Love Was…” are haunting sonnets of love lost and the ensuing pain. She deftly switches gears, lifting us with “Slow Song” and “Fallin’” that remind us the heights and depths of true love far surpass the shallowness of counterfeit affections. Ultimately we are ALL judged NOT by what life throws at us but how we respond.

You see, it’s not about where we are going. It’s about being together in the moment and embracing it. Life indeed is but a vapor, here for a short time then vanishing quickly. Brittany looks forward to meeting and performing for you soon. Buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride!


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